King 7 VS Horizon Game Recap

The match opposing King 7 (K7) to Horizon (HzN) was greatly played by both teams. It ended up on a 10-5 score in favour of Horizon. If the score doesn’t tell anything about a close match, K7 has had all their chances to win agaisnt their first opponent of the first season of the Standoff 2 Pro League (SPL).

The match is starting with HzN on CT side and K7 on T side. K7 wins the first round by an inch and HzN wins the second. After that, the match already seemed to only go one way as K7 took a 3 rounds advantage, but HzN decided differently. In the early rounds, both teams were looking strong even though the score was 4-1 in favour of K7. Then, K7 suddenly seemed to struggle, making them disorganized and slow. HzN saw it and used it at their advantage. They started to play with more aggressiveness and boldness. 4 rounds lost by K7 in a row and HzN finally dominating the scores. K7 looked overwhelmed because they did not adapt their overral playstyle and were not able to counter HzN at all. The first half ended up on a score of 4-5 in favour of HzN. If the score is pretty close, HzN had in reality a big advantage as they won the 4 last rounds showing their dominance in this match. The aggressiveness of HzN surely affected K7 and their confidence as they were able to get only 1 round on their CT side. The same mistakes happened again and sadly K7 has not been able to step up in this match. HzN stayed consistent all the way and has shown a strong performance with quite a few mistakes aswell that did not really affect the final result.

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