Exclusive vs Street 8 Game Recap

On the second day of the EasyTrade Pro League there were some great matches played. The match up of Exclusive vs Street 8 Exclusive was a great match to watch. Before I get any further I tell you the team lineups. Playing for Exclusive would be Stinky, Trunks, England, Trackzzy, and Waqz. And playing for Street 8 would be Wy1zzz, xCzar, Berserk, Forkyz, and Mazzam. It started off with the banning of both Province and Sandstone meaning Rust would be played. Exclusive we’re the clear favorites and they proved why in their dominating game performance.

The First Half The match started with Excl starting on the CT side and St 8 on the T side. Excl started off the half winning the pistol round and the second round putting them in a good spot to start off the game. St 8 has then able to come back in round 3 and 4 to even the score. Excl would then dominate the rest of the half only dropping 8th round and they would close out the half with a strong 6-3 lead.

Halftime Thoughts Taking a moment to look at this half stinky did a great job for excl and was a minor factor for excl winning the first half. For St 8 nobody really turned up besides wy1zzz. Looking into the second half things didn’t look good for St 8.

The Second Half The second half would see excl switch to the T side and St 8 to the CT. This half was dominated by excl who would win the half and game with a score line of 10-3 in favor of excl.

A Quick Recap This match has dominated by excl and it didn’t look like St 8 could do much. There were some close rounds in the first half but as soon as the second half started excl were clearly going to win. In this half Trunks did amazing for excl along with stinky who would get mvp for the match. He would end the match with 14 kills followed closely by Trunks with 13. In terms of how the game played out only 3 of the 13 rounds would see any action in the B side of the map. A site was clearly the favorite site for Rust and if St 8 had changed up their plans maybe they could have done something to start a comeback. But overall a great match played by excl I look forward to watching them play in the quarterfinals against Horizon.

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