1NQ vs 222 Game Recap

With Week 2 Under of Easytrade Pro League under way, you had the Match up of 1NQ vs 222 . The result of this match would decide what team would move onto the quarter final. In it you had the roster of 222 consisting of Havoc, NiTrinik, Prime, Worleighd, and aquatiC. On the side of 1NQ you had the roster of zehnix, HaoS, stormez, hades, and Aby-Bakr.

222 Performance

222 started off extremely week, losing eight rounds, before winning one. 22 had trouble setting up Refrags and crossfires on site. 1NQ super-aggressive T side was extremely hard for them to defend against anded the first half in an 1-8. Their T Side ,score line being as it was, had to be extremely good to make a comeback. While their T side was a good performance, due to 1NQ’s Scrambling to realize that their aggressive playstyle wont work on CT Side, it was not enough to make a comeback and they lost the game 4-10

1NQ Performance

1NQ had a very strong T side applying pressure and taking advantage of faults in 222 defense. All the Players played well and kills were spread out well. Aby-Bakr proved many non-believers wrong while using the AWM in such an offensive and rush heavy playstyle. I commend the Players of 1NQ for their playstyle, Usage of utility, and overall dominance of the T side. However the performance on CT side was less stellar. 1NQ CT side was lack luster, and had the team trying to come to terms with the faults in their aggressive playstyles on the CT side, this gave 22 the chance to get 4 rounds before . In the End 22 won 10-4 over 22 and will be moving onto the Quarter Finals.

Recap and My Thoughts

This was another extremely fun game to analyze and I am so heavily thankful that Pro League is allowing us to keep doing this. Overall 1NQ had an extremely good turnout even though they might want to work on their CT side strategies. 222 had an underperforming first half, dealing with Lag, and a lack of utility usage. After the first half 22 played well and took advantage of their situation, however it wasn’t enough to take them to the win.


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