Saints vs Supine Game Recap

Saints vs Supine Game Recap

As the third week rolled in, the first day of the quarter-finals started. The second one of theese games, Saints vs Supine, is the one that I will analyze today. The winning team (Saints) would go on to the semi-finals, securing a top-4 spot. Saints lineup concisted of EnDragon, Challenger, w1ndyyy, GentlemaN and Lo-Fi, while Supine’s roster concisted of Will Turner, Novum, Merrily, SparK and Twelse.

Saints Performance

TL;DR: Saints played extremley well. They did loose the first two rounds of the first game, but then proceeded to win five rounds in a row, and then taking the first game. They had great teamwork and positioning, and even though the holy 5-man boost, maybe wasn’t the smartest move, it was certainly fun to watch. They most likely did this due to losing the first round, meaning that they wanted to go eco. Saints was just the better team that day, and Supine couldn’t really do much about it. They almost got beaten in the second game, but managed to take it too. Saints didn’t loose any rounds on CT side on Rust, which showed how much they have practiced, and it payed off. Their playstyle was also fun to watch, making the game more interesting.

Supine Performance

Supine fased a better opponent, and that’s pretty much it. They played way better on Sandstone than on Rust, almost winning the game, but couldn’t quite make it. Will Turner and Twelse played really well, but it just wasn’t enough. Supine’s overall performance was good, they just faced a better team.

Recap and My Thoughts

Saints won 10-3 on Rust and 10-9 on Sandstone, taking them to the semi-finals. Overall, this was a fun game to watch, with the holy 5-man boost and a great performance from both teams. Exciting rounds and the tention of the second game made this game a bit more enjoyable than other games.


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