Advent vs Saints Game Recap

Advents vs Saints Game Recap

In the Final day of Easytrade Pro League you had the placement match that would decide who would be placed 3rd in the tournament and get the gold for it. The lineups were as follows. Saints lineup consisted of EnDragon, Challenger, myxomop, w1ndyyy, and Lo-Fi.The advent roster consisted of grinx, Ranch, Jewy, Eksleam, and Promise (Who was lovingly named Russian Man by the Caster).

Saints Performance

Saints had a Stellar Outcome on Rust and Province, with a less than stellar performance on Sandstone. Saints played extremely well on rust and you could tell that they practiced this map quite a bit, especially considering the utility usage displayed by their players. Saints played a good T side and was able to take advantage of the faults in Advents defense. Sandstone was a completely different story. While on Rust Saints played a fast paced and rush-heavy game, on Sandstone it was very slow placed and allowed for a lot more thinking between kills. Saints were able to put up a fight, but not enough to prevent Advent from taking the Map and lengthening the series. Saints then hit their stride again by winning Province and securing 3rd place for their team. Overall a good Performance and Great Game by Saints

Advents Performance

Advent had a less than stellar match, losing to Saints stellar T side on both Province and Rust, while showing that they still had some fight in them during their resurgence in the Sandstone Match. Advent Played Well enough on Province and Rust, forfeiting many rounds to weird plays, miscommunications, and underperforming players. Their Defense on both maps was commendable but not what was needed to secure the win over Saints. Their Sandstone However is what showed that they were the team that deserved top 5. Sandstone featured a great Defense by Advent, and let Advent take control of the Series for a fleeting moment. Overall advent Played extremely well, just used strategies that didn’t work against their opposition.

Recap and My thoughts

Saints won 2-1 over Advent with both teams playing extremely well for what they were given. Saints Played an Extremely Strong game and were able to take the third place trophy home. I would again like to Thank Easytrade for allowing us to make these recaps and Publishing them on the Pro League site, If you are interested in Pro League and would Like to see the games these recaps are based on, the links will be in the sources below.


The Pro League Livestream


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