It’s the final match of Pro League, the finals. The tention is rising. Who would take home the prize-money? The two russian teams, HorizoN and PeacekeeperS, were going to face eachother, to get the title of the best EU/RU team. HorizoN’s roster concisted of Slingg, NekrO, milkyway, Houston and umbrella, while PeacekeeperS roster concisted of Pronyx, pin, SK1LL, ObezbasheR and London. Who would come out victorious?

HzN Performance

HorizoN just couldn’t beat PeacekeeperS. They won the first round on Rust as CT, but even though they had the economical advantage, they lost against PkS the next round. They kept letting PkS plant the bomb on sites, due to bad defending and positioning. PkS was dominating mechanically, so most 1v1’s was lost for HzN. They lost 5 rounds in a row, and barely managed to win a 3v1 against London, but quickly lost after. They did better on T-side, but still couldn’t win the game. They won the first rounds, making it even, 7-7. But in the end, PeacekeeperS won 10-7. They lost 4 rounds in a row on Rust as Terrorists, which gave them a huge disadvantage. In the end, they lost 10-2, a humiliating defeat for HorizoN.

PkS Performance

To put it simple, everything I said that HorizoN did bad, PeacekeeperS did really well. I will not talk about many of the rounds, as I did that just now, but simply mention everything that they did well. They have obviously played Sandstone the most, as they clearly did better on that map. They did better on T-side on Rust, but did worse as CT. They always managed to plant the bomb on site, which gave them an advantage every round. They did better as CT on Sandstone, only loosing one round. They always had the economy on their mind. Overall, their performance was really good.

Recap and My Thoughts

PeacekeeperS dominated at the start on Rust, HorizoN catched up a bit, but PeacekeeperS ended up winning the game. In the next game on Sandstone, PeacekeeperS clearly dominated. Although the last round was dominated by PeacekeeperS, the match was interesting and exciting to watch. Both teams did well overall, and both teams deserved the prize-money and titles.


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