CPL Day 2 CBK vs Infinex

A great match between two very talented teams CBK and Infinex was a game you didn’t want to miss. Starting off the momentum for Infinex was ifx | XiaYT with a quick three piece leading his team to an early lead. Early rounds CBK found themselves getting picked off, leaving Infinex with the advantage. However, CBK was able to piece themselves back together and claim the win on the first map with CBK player Swag leading the team with nearly 20 KILLS. On map two Infinex started off again very aggressive giving them the early lead once more. Although after assessing the quick loss of round one, CBK was able to come back winning the next few rounds with a very organized offense and defense. Infinex gave map two everything they had with player Cheto leading the way, but wasn’t enough for CBK and their deadly AR duo Zakuul and Kewa helping their team claim map two 10-4.


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