CPL Day1 Merciless GG vs Matrix

A great start to the first day of the CPL with some very entertaining matches and, it just kept getting better. What started off as back and forth round wins and losses for both Merciless and Matrix, soon turned into Matrix being able to break away. On Map, one Matrix had a set tempo on each round and was able to stay in control the whole time. Although Merciless gave it their best and ABuse picking off multiple heads each round, they couldn’t hang with Matrix’s collective on offense and defense ending with a score of 10-6 in favor of Matrix.

On Map two, Matrix started off very strong, however, Merciless came back even stronger. They finally found themselves in the lead, it was a very close, but merciless took the victory!

Map three started off with back and forth until Merciless was able to break away making it 9-7. Matrix brought it to a tie at 9-9 with big help from Matrix player Nero with 22kills. Unfortunately, Matrix with an almost perfect repeat of map two Merciless was able to claim the victory 10-9 over Matrix with an almost perfect ace last round.

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