CPL Day1 Tribe vs Singularity

What a great way to kick off the Call of Duty Mobile Pro League with two very competitive teams, Tribe and Singularity left no room for mistakes. From the start, Singularity came out strong and took an ace that no one expected. However, Tribe was not having it, after four consecutive round wins for Tribe showing great teamwork and map control, proving that they’re a team to watch out for. Singularity was able to make some adjustments allowing them to come back quite a bit, but it wasn’t enough to beat Tribe, leaving an end score of 10-7 in favor of Tribe on map one.


On map two, it was very noticeable that Singularity had come back with a game plan! Showing signs of better team communication and organization, allowing themselves to secure the first round. Singularity player Legacy secure 20 kills leading them to a victory 10-4 over Tribe, making it 1-1 and on to a third map!


Map three both teams showed nearly perfect teamwork. After an exciting twelve rounds, both teams were tied at 6-6! Tribe and Singularity showed no signs of weakness or wanting to let up even an inch on this game point match. Singularity fought the best that they could, but Tribe was able to take it 10-7. Leaving an end score of 2-1 in favor of Tribe. Great job to both Tribe and Singularity!

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