CPL Day2 Omen vs Status Quo

For the second day of the CPL to kick things off was Omen vs Status Quo. Status Quo took an early lead and seem to be really trying to claim their dominance. However, Omen continued to put up a fight and was always able to keep themselves within a round of Status Quo. Until the fourteenth round that is, then Omen was able to break away and claim the victory on map one 10-7. Map two Omen gave Status Quo no room to make even the slightest mistake. Omen showcased that they are a team to watch out for and shouldn’t be underestimated. With not just one stand out player, but instead equipped have five well-rounded players. Towards the end, Status Quo was able to come back a bit earning five round wins, but unfortunately for them, Omen didn’t allow any more than that. With an end result of 10-5 in favor of Omen. Making Omen the first team to go 2-0 on stream.

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